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How is Number Masking Different from Virtual Numbers?

Cloud-based technologies and communication products are ruling the roost. Cloud-based communication tools such as the virtual phone number India help businesses improve operational efficiency and deliver the best CX. Number masking is a data privacy technology used by companies. Let’s learn about the virtual call, its capabilities, and how it differs from number masking.

What is number masking?

Number masking is a technology that allows businesses to safeguard their customers’ data by masking their contact details during conversations with the company. The software secures sensitive data by masking/ hiding the contact details.

What is a virtual phone number in India?

Virtual mobile numbers in India are cloud-based numbers businesses use for client communication. Companies reroute the calls received on this number and forward them to the agents’ mobile numbers and landlines. Virtual numbers are a multifaceted solution with several features that make it a comprehensive call management software.

Let’s check the software’s main characteristics, which will help you understand the product better.

Important Functions

Data Insights:

The virtual Indian number offers real-time data visibility that helps businesses to make educated decisions in improving the quality of the conversation and delivering excellent customer service. Also, the data insights reflect the agents’ performance enabling firms to take prompt corrective actions to improve agent efficiency. The call logs also help determine customer satisfaction levels -they can assess their pain points and strive to deliver high customer satisfaction.

Call routing:

The virtual Indian number allows a call routing facility that connects the customers to the best agents and provides them with a quick query resolution. The agent’s selection is based on the location, the type of issue, and the agent’s expertise -such routing helps customers get the best support. It increases the FCR- First Call Resolution rate, which means the customers’ queries are resolved during the first call. It indicates a high level of customer satisfaction and helps the business attract and retain more customers. With high-quality customer support, companies can improve profitability and maximise revenue.


Businesses with expansion plans in the pipeline can buy virtual mobile phone numbers to deliver seamless customer support via international virtual numbers specific to that country. The virtual call can be integrated with the IVR-Interactive Voice Response technology, which allows companies to provide multi-level menus and submenus to establish a streamlined customer engagement process. It is also embedded with the call recording feature, which records the conversation between the agents and the customers. Businesses can also respond to multiple calls simultaneously, providing quick connectivity to customers. Companies can also offer multilingual support and reach out to many customers in different geographical locations.

How is the number masking different from virtual numbers?

Number masking is a software used for data security and has several capabilities that help in call management. The software hides sensitive information and ensures zero data visibility. Businesses can integrate the software and provide safe and secure communication. They are not business numbers but a call masking solution that can be combined with a virtual mobile number in India or a toll-free number. On the contrary, virtual numbers are business contact numbers managed and operated in the cloud, and they are used to route or forward the calls to the agents’ mobile numbers and landlines. They can be integrated with the call masking software to enhance the security of cloud-based numbers.

 What are the benefits of virtual phone numbers?

 Virtual calls have several benefits—the most important being a faster lead-generation process. The software can track and monitor calls enabling the agents to get access to potential leads. They can actively pursue those leads and get more deals closed.

Another benefit of the software is it helps create omnipresence. The business with the virtual contact number can forward the calls received on the agent’s mobile number and landlines. It is noteworthy that this rerouting also helps in data protection.

Conclusion: Number masking technology and virtual numbers are valuable technologies that help businesses. You can rely on Knowlarity, one of the top cloud communications companies that offer India’s virtual phone number at a competitive price. Buy the virtual number at the best prices, and integrate it with the number masking solution to ensure end-to-end data security. The company also offers a 7-day free trial of the software that helps to understand how the system works and will benefit a business.