How To Create Virtual Holiday Team-Building Activities For Your Employees

Virtual team building is an essential aspect of any efficient and successful team. Lack of cooperation and coordination among team members can lead to reduced productivity and performance. With this in mind, companies must invest time and resources in creating virtual team events and virtual holiday team-building activities that promote these values, especially now that remote work has become the new norm. 

Fortunately for supervisors and other employees, the internet is swarming with team meeting activities virtual. Let’s see some virtual team events that you can do for employees.

Let’s start by stating the obvious in virtual team building: collaboration is the secret to a team’s success. 

All employees should feel comfortable and safe enough to share their views and ideas. Raising employee morale and organizing virtual team events was easier since now there are fewer and fewer employees in offices due to the normalization of teleworking. This means that traditional activities that used to take place in the office are now discarded. But this does not mean there are no other ways to organize virtual holiday team-building activities; on the contrary, there are many ways to boost team morale virtually.

Below, we review the most popular and valuable ways to create virtual team events:

  1. Knockout tournament: vote for your favorite teammates or projects

Have you ever heard of knockout or round games? How about creating one to engage your audience and increase engagement?

Any excuse is good enough to create virtual holiday team-building activities: birthdays, company anniversaries, holidays, vacations, and Christmas. We present an example of an online team-building activity we celebrate on holidays. With most of our employees telecommuting from home, we were looking for a fun way to celebrate this holiday and a good excuse to dress up! Over three days, we launched three different challenges to the entire team:

  1. Share a photo of a trendy hairstyle or hat.
  2. Share a picture of a funny tie or scarf.
  3. Take a picture wearing something blue.

So we chose the best photo of each participant from among the three challenges and created a knockout tournament in which each team member voted for their favorite costume or hairstyle until we had a winner. 

  • Virtual escape rooms: the new alternative to virtual team building sessions outside the facilities

When escape rooms began to gain popularity, they quickly became the must-have activity for virtual team building. They are the perfect solution: to complete an escape room. You must get the team together to solve a problem. Do the employees work from different locations and do you find it challenging to carry out this activity? Or you can’t find a date to move your team to the escape room. We have a proposal!

Prepare an online escape room for a virtual holiday party. Before this event, ask each employee to answer a series of questions about their tastes and preferences to give information to the game’s organizer. 

On the big day, divide into teams of three people. Each group connects to a separate video call, and the team leader shares their screen with the other members to solve trivia games, puzzles, and riddles.

  • Raffle at an event to promote competitiveness

Do you want to reward your workers? Do you need a team-building action for a video call with your team? Take advantage of the motivation generated by raffles with attractive prizes to increase team morale and productivity!

Organize or take advantage of a videoconference with the workers and use the raffle application at an event to make one or more raffles among the attendees. Users can participate from their mobile devices. Share your screen so everyone can scan the QR code and go to the raffle page. Once the users are inside the draw, you can show some questions they must answer to enter the draw. For example, you can ask about the company’s history and have a random lottery among those who responded correctly to all the questions. Guaranteed success!

  • Prize wheel to involve your employees.

During the pandemic, so many Zoom or Google Meet meetings have been held that they no longer have any incentive, right? It isn’t easy to keep the attention of those attending the conference, and we often wonder how we can liven up the meeting. We have the solution! 

Prepare a prize wheel with the names of the attendees and spin the wheel to choose the winners of the random drawings. Need something to raffle? Don’t worry. Any excuse is good! You can raffle a breakfast, a sample of your latest release, a discount voucher for your store, or even a weekend getaway.

We hope these simple ideas inspire you to organize wonderful virtual holiday team-building activities for your brand or company.

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