How to Start a Removalist Business

Whether it’s buying a new home or changing your property for a better one, more and more people are prone to moving than in previous years. Even though moving can be a daunting experience for some, it can be a lucrative and effective business for others. Believe it or not, starting a removalist business nowadays can be a productive way to earn a living. In Australia alone, most removalist businesses tend to earn more than half a million dollars per year. The essence lies in offering innovative ideas and attractive prices. If this line of business sounds invigorating, here are some tips on how to start a removalist business and survive in the competitive market. 

Removalist business 101 

It became a far-fetched notion that only strong and muscular men are able to be removalists, however, this is far from the truth. Working as a removalist does require being fit and strong as you will be spending most of your working hours lifting and shifting bulking furniture, but of utmost importance is to be healthy. Besides doing manual and seemingly physically demanding work, in the removalist business you can also work as a driver or even a manager. Hence, the key to starting a removalist business is to be determined, organized, and good at planning. It would be perfect to be physically fit to be able to lift and manage heavy things, but unless you are prone to injuries or with poor health, you should not risk starting this business.

Choose your services 

As previously mentioned, a removalist’s job entails many things except solely lifting and moving things. Upon starting your removalist business you need to determine what services you are about to offer to clients. From “man and van” services where you simply send a van with a driver and let clients do other things, to doing large commercial removals. In Sydney, for example, the most demanding job is home removal. This includes packing, lifting, loading, and safely moving furniture to the designated location. If you live in a big city such as Sydney, it’s absolutely important to find expert furniture removalists from Sydney who would ensure everything is done meticulously and organize a smooth and professional transfer. 

Get the vital certification and get registered 

Another amazing benefit related to the removalist business is that you can start your new business without any qualifications. It would be significant to obtain some form of certification that proves you are allowed to run a business, and official vehicle certifications as well. The most crucial thing is to register your business, give it an official name, register it as a business company to have everything complied with the law, get all the legal licenses and permits, and have all your tax requirements registered by the law. If you strive to go international, though, it would be beneficial to obtain a Registered International Mover certification and join some global professional moving and relocation alliances. 

Construct a steady budget 

When starting any business for that matter, it’s essential to set up a budget plan. This insinuates having a clear idea of where and how you are about to distribute your finances and how you are going to handle all the financial matters. Your budgets should be determined and calculated based on your current and future expenses. When it comes to removalist business in Australia it’s a prerequisite to have your transportation (van or a large truck), necessary equipment (ramp, straps, dolly, etc.), materials, fees, and taxes. Also, you would need to set aside additional money for marketing, advertisement, and promotional fees in order to spread the word about your new removalist business. 

Inspect your competition and stay ahead of competitors 

Like in any other business, you need to do thorough research about your competition before you set up prices and start working. This will help you design your working method and help you find potential customers. Check your competitors to see what makes their business so distinctive and then aim to make your removalist business even better. Set reasonable prices, offer bonuses, give out interesting offers, and then let your users and customers spread the good word about your business after satisfied removal. Once you let a satisfied customer vouch for your quality of work and professionalism, you can raise the prices and let your business thrive. Staying ahead of your game will ensure you constantly have plenty of work.

Write up a good business plan, get all the licenses and legal amenities, and only strive to offer top services. To start a removalist business, it’s essential to get prepared and not let any small mishap put you down.