Ideas for a Clean and Healthy Home for Your Family

Your house is unique. Every day, that’s where you begin and end. Your family looks to you to provide a secure, joyful, and healthful environment for them to enjoy. This is your home. Although it can be tedious, maintaining your home doesn’t have to take up all of your time. We believe that maintaining a clean home is more about developing positive habits that you (eventually!) begin to do on autopilot than it is about the time commitment. 

So whether you want to keep a warm and safe environment in your home by adopting healthy habits or regular renovations and maintenance, you can do as you please. Choose one or two items from the list to begin with if it seems too long, and add more as you can.

First, make the bed.

Although it just takes a few minutes and truly makes a great difference in how tidy the room looks, we know that some people feel that making the bed is a waste of time.  It also seems to be a good way to start the day, and enjoyable getting into a freshly made bed at the end of the day. 

Try to keep your bedding as simple as possible to make things easy.  We finally decided to replace our top sheets, which invariably ended up in a huge puddle at the foot of the bed, with a duvet and washable cover instead.  However, you might want to consider reducing the amount of pillows on your bed if you truly adore your top sheets. 

Sanitize Bathroom and Gadgets 

At the very least twice a week, clean your bathroom. Sanitizing every item in your bathroom, including the sink and toilet, is crucial. It is quite easy for bacteria to grow in your bathroom and get you ill. Using germ-killing sanitizing wipes is one easy way to sanitize your restroom. You can effortlessly wipe off any surface and don’t need to worry about using a spray. When cleaning your toilet, shower, and sink, be thorough. Your bathroom floor needs to be cleaned as well.

Similarly, among the dirtiest items you own are your computer keyboard and smartphone. The majority of cross-contaminations are spread by touch and hands. That being said, you use your smart devices—including tablets—constantly, whether you’re in the restroom or at work. Sanitizing your electronics for a short while will prevent you from

Add Environment-Friendly Structure

A safe and healthy environment in your house is not only limited to your cleaning habits. The building materials also play a pivotal role in keeping the home environment safe for its members. Let’s say your house is aged, and has a popcorn ceiling. While most houses used to have these types of ceilings, it’s in your family’s best interest to pay a contractor for asbestos popcorn ceiling removal – because it’s a health hazard. 

Therefore with time, you should remove any part of the house, old and outdated, that has a tendency to become a health hazard, especially for the young family members. Instead renovating the house at intervals gives you plenty of room to wiggle eco-friendly materials into your home with less carbon footprint. 

Air Vents Should be Cleaned

There are other ways to lower your risk of respiratory issues at home besides vacuuming. Cleaning your air vents is another method to reduce the amount of dust and other bothersome particles in your home. 

The amount of airborne particles in your house rises as a result of dust accumulation, which also lowers the effectiveness of the ventilation system. To eliminate the particle buildup, all you need to do is use a gentle vacuum brush tool to remove dust. To get into the tiny spaces that your vacuum was unable to reach, you can also use a Q-tip or anything comparable.

Clean Every Flat Surface

It even includes cleaning the kitchen table! Clean your home’s surfaces on a regular basis. This covers the worktops in your kitchen, bathroom, coffee table, and desks. Be meticulous and reliable, just like in your bathroom. 

Using sanitizing wipes will make it simple for you to finish the bacterial-killing process. Using a microfiber cloth, you may reduce the quantity of dust that accumulates on your desk and tables. For most surfaces, microfiber towels work well at removing tiny particles. You can make a homemade cleaning solution to kill off the bacteria and use a chemical-free cleaning spray for this purpose. 

Learn to Declutter 

The time required for cleaning will be significantly reduced if you make the effort to organize and clear your home. This one may require more gradual implementation. Cleaning up is so much simpler when you and the rest of your family have a place for everything {that is both easily accessible and easy to put away}. Cleaning goes much more quickly and requires less dusting when there are fewer items on the counters and other surfaces. 

Keeping the space clutter-free is essential to a cleaner home. It might be hard to keep everything organized when kids are in the household. However, you can pan out a play area and institute cleaning rituals for kids too after they are done playing. Adding certain storage boxes means you can collect all the stuff (like toys) and put it in them. 

Be Aware of Home’s Hot Spots  

You can significantly lessen the likelihood that dust and debris will spread throughout the rest of the house if you concentrate on keeping the heavy traffic areas clean on a daily basis.  To encourage everyone to remove their shoes and to keep all of the shoe filth in one place, make sure your home has a designated area for shoes at the entryway.  Little area rugs can also capture a lot of the incoming dirt at doorways.  

For furry friends that come in and out, have an old towel by the door to quickly wipe down paws as they come in so that any mud or dirt doesn’t tag along the tiled or carpeted floor. It’s best to use efficient tools to keep such hot spots in the house cleaner. At this point, Decluttering space for such spots is rather helpful, too. 

In the End 

What truly matters is how clean you want your home to be. Simple or regular cleaning aside, sometimes you have to take the right set of precautions to provide a healthy environment for your family. Small changes in the routine can make big wonders!