How Do the Murdochs Feel About Succession?

The Murdochs have been a dynasty in the media industry for over 50 years. The family patriarch, Rupert Murdoch, founded News Corporation in Australia in 1952. The company expanded rapidly under his leadership, and is now one of the world’s largest media conglomerates.

Rupert’s son Lachlan is currently Executive Chairman of News Corp and co-Chairman of 21st Century Fox. There has been speculation about succession within the Murdoch family for many years. While Rupert has always been clear that he wants his children to take over the business when he dies, it is less clear how his wife Wendi Deng and her three children will fit into the picture.

In an interview with The Times in 2015, Lachlan said that succession was “not something [he] think[s] about a lot” but that he was “lucky enough to have a father who has built incredible businesses”. He also said that he hoped to emulate his father’s success and build on what he had created. These comments suggest that Lachlan is not overly concerned about taking over the family business, but sees it as an opportunity to continue his father’s legacy.

It is unclear how Wendi Deng and her children feel about succession within the Murdoch family empire. However, given Rupert’s age (84) and health issues (he suffered a fall at home in 2016), it seems likely that she will play an increasingly important role in the business in the future.

What Did Rupert Murdoch Do?

In 2011, News Corporation’s Rupert Murdoch faced allegations that his company had been involved in a widespread effort to illegally obtain information about British citizens. The scandal led to the closure of Murdoch’s News of the World newspaper and prompted investigations into the practices of other Murdoch-owned news outlets.

What Did Rupert Murdoch Inherit from His Father?

In 1952, Rupert Murdoch inherited two newspapers, “The News” and “The Daily Telegraph”, from his father, Keith Murdoch. He went on to build a media empire that includes some of the world’s most popular and influential news outlets. Today, Murdoch’s News Corporation owns more than 150 newspapers and magazines across five continents.

In addition to traditional print media, Murdoch’s news empire now includes a major presence in digital media, television, and film.

What was Rupert Murdoch Childhood Like?

Rupert Murdoch’s childhood was a privileged one. He was born into a wealthy family in Melbourne, Australia, and attended private schools. His father, Keith Murdoch, was a successful journalist and his mother, Elisabeth Murdoch, was the daughter of a prominent newspaper owner.

As a child, Rupert showed an early interest in newspapers and publishing, and he later followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a successful media mogul. Although his childhood was comfortable and privileged, it was not without its challenges; Rupert’s parents divorced when he was young, and he struggled with dyslexia throughout his school years. Despite these difficulties, Rupert went on to achieve great success in the media world.