The benefits of taking a self-defense class in addition to carrying a self-defense keychain

Feeling the need of equipping yourself with a self defense keychain but have no prior self-defense training? Are you thinking about joining a class? The benefits are plenty as a self-defense class instills the qualities of confidence, skills, and discipline.

There are many benefits of a self-defense class which is exactly what we will be sharing with you. As someone who is looking to get a self defense keychain. There is no way that you are going to be confident in using the weapon without proper training under your belt. So, without further ado, let’s get going:

Learn techniques: The self-defense classes are going to teach you multiple techniques for defending and attacking a robber.

Firstly, you are going to learn all the techniques with a weapon which is why you are joining such classes. The mentor is going to teach you the skills and techniques of using weapons like Knuckle keychains, Kubotan, and pepper sprays.

Secondly, the mentors are also going to enlighten you about general self-defense training such as BJJ, Wrestling, etc.

Self-confidence: In times of emergencies you need to have a strong grip on your nerves. The key to defeating an attacker is to be confident and aggressive. The self-defense classes equip you with qualities like confidence and calmness.

Your ability to handle robbers, intruders, and attackers become better with proper self-defense training under your belt.

Physical fitness aspect: Being in a self-defense training class makes you physically superior and fit. Your overall health becomes better as you are going regularly to practice. The self-defense class not only empowers you to defend yourself.

You also become healthier, fitter, and psychologically strong. Hence, there are ample benefits to taking a self-defense class and you should take one too.

Practice: In a self-defense class you will develop muscle memory that will be your strength in real-life situations. The mentors are going to teach you the basic and advanced levels of dealing with the safety keychain.

Practicing, again and again, will hone your skills in using the self defense keychain. Not only this, but practicing will also instill the qualities like hard work, patience, and discipline in you. You will also be able to meet new people and learn about their experiences. You can learn a lot from those real-life experiences and get better at protecting yourself.

Learn about the law: In a self-defense class, your mentors will also share the legislation applicable in your state. What are the rules for carrying a self-defense weapon? What are the precautions for using such a weapon? Does a particular self-defense weapon require licensing?

All your questions will be answered under one roof. In this way, you won’t be needing to pay fees to lawyers for consulting about self-defense rules.


Confidence is exactly what you need while facing an attacker who might even have a better weapon than you. If you are unskilled your chances of successfully neutralizing the attacker are minimal.

The importance of self-defense classes is immense, and many countries encourage people to take such classes. A physical self-defense class is better than one that is online. As you have a mentor with whom you can share your shortcoming it is always better to go for physical self-defense classes.