Top Horror Anime to Watch This Halloween Season

As Halloween draws nearer, now is the ideal time to treat yourself to some horror anime. Although the majority of people choose to watch old-school horror films, we have a different recommendation. Check out the best horror anime ever, and we guarantee you’ll be genuinely afraid.

While we could recommend you hundreds of horror anime movies and series, we chose to pick some of the best. Animes can create great stories or take inspiration from the mangas. Because this art form is really different anime can produce some terrifying visuals, stories, and voice acting. So, take a look at the scariest animes to watch this Halloween season.

  1. Death Note (9/10)

The best horror anime to recommend is without a doubt Death Note because it is a masterpiece. Additionally, this is one of the top anime to watch to get into the world of anime. It’s possible that someone has previously recommended this fantastic anime. The idea is straightforward but quite intriguing. An insightful adolescent finds a notepad with wish-fulfillment powers. As the name implies, the person whose name the main character writes on the notepad dies.

Soon after learning how powerful this book is, Light makes the decision to purge the planet of all criminals. He decides to carry out justice but is unaware that he becomes too drunk on power. He quickly becomes a terrifying foe. But the intriguing and perceptive detective known only as L is committed to figuring out the bizarre string of worldwide fatalities that are all connected to Light. Death Note is a genuinely iconic horror anime that you can watch on Animixplay. It is a darkly enjoyable mystery that raises important questions while remaining dependably entertaining.

  1. Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai (7.1/10)

Even though each episode only lasts five minutes, it is long enough to send chills down your spine. You’ll enjoy Yamishibai if you enjoy telling spooky campfire stories. These otherworldly stories, however, are much more bizarre than those old-school children’s horror stories. The brilliantly animated pieces tackle a variety of horror clichés, such as eerie phone calls and the perils of isolated settlements, but do so in original and unexpected ways. 

  1. Devilman Crybaby (7.6/10)

Devilman Crybaby is one of the most outrageously outlandish horror series ever made, unlike anything you’ve previously witnessed. This bloody horror novel, which is an adaptation of the renowned manga Devilman by Go Nagai, is startlingly amusing yet never lets you escape the agonizing fear at its center. If you are a fan of reading horror rather than watching it, you can read the manga using Mangaowl. Ryo and Akira are drawn into the bloody demonic realm as Akira turns into the eponymous Devilman.

  1. Boogiepop Phantom (7.2/10)

In this intriguing and wholly original item on our list, a bunch of students begin to experience incomprehensible happenings as a weird light appears in the sky. A folklore character by the name of Boogiepop serves as a connecting thread for the characters in this large-scale ensemble narrative

 These dark legends are overshadowed by the urban belief that Boogiepop is the personification of death, which has recently gained increased attention due to a string of terrible killings. Even if the episodes are linked by a larger mystery, you can still appreciate it as a collection of short stories because each one is saturated in eerie emotions and masterfully skin-crawling storytelling.