VSCO – what is it? All about Instagrammer favorite editor

If you use Instagram, you’ve probably seen photos with the #VSCO hashtag in the tape more than once. What does it mean? VSCO is the name of one of the most popular photo editors for iOS and Android. In addition, the application exists in the form of a plug-in for the Adobe Lightroom program.

Popularity secrets

When publishing images, the application automatically adds its own postscripts: #VSCOcam and, in fact, #VSCO. What does this signature on Instagram mean? At the very least, your post will be seen by thousands of people, because it’s one of the most popular hashtags right now. Let’s talk about a little trick. If you think some snapshots were better than others, you can add #VSCOgood and #VSCOgrid hashtags to your signature. They will help you get even more likes for really worthwhile income.

Key features

Talk about why thousands of users around the world use VSCO. What does this application do?

  1. As in Instagram, there is the possibility to post photos. However, unlike the popular social network, there are no likes and comments, just pure art.
  2. Shop with elegant filter collections. Most of them are paid, but their money is 100%. After processing, the images look like they were made by a professional photographer. The cost of the sets – from $ 1 to $ 3.
  3. The best setup snapshots. Users have access to all basic editing tools, 2 of which are only found in VSCO. What is this? First, the addition of haze (Dissolve), as well as the toning of light and dark areas (Shadows / Highlights).

All of this is packed into a minimalist interface with simple typography and a strict grid. The application has gained popularity among amateurs and professional photographers. Currently, the editor is available for free download on the Play Market and iTunes.

Interface and functionality

By running the application, you will see several tabs:

  • Profile (Profile);
  • Library (Library);
  • Explore (gallery of publications);
  • Shop (filter shop).

Let’s talk more about the work in the application. When you start you find yourself in the library. All photos taken and edited using the application are displayed here. One of the innovations is a special tab where you can add your favorite images. Go to other sections, you can swipe right. To see the work of other photographers, click the Explore tab. Like in Instagram, you can subscribe to interesting profiles.

Another section is Profile, your personal page in the VSCO community. What is this? First of all, this is a place where you can post your photos, create albums or share selected image collections. By the way, this is another important difference from Instagram – you can combine images into thematic collections (albums).

Let’s take a look at the camera mode. Various settings are available for shooting in the application: you can turn the flash on or off, switch between standard and square formats, change the white balance, etc. In the version for iOS 8 and later, ISO white balance and shutter speed are also available.

But the most interesting is, of course, the editor himself. You can instantly change the photo you just took or upload any image from the gallery. All the basic settings are available in the panel below:

  • correction of brightness and contrast;
  • temperature (plus warm or cold tones);
  • rotate and align the photo;
  • pruning;
  • vignetting;
  • add filters, etc.

Note that the intensity of the filter can be adjusted in 12 gradations.

The most interesting thing about VSCO is that this application, even with minimal processing, allows you to get truly spectacular and evocative photos. This is why it is so popular with well-known photo bloggers.

Is there a VSCO version for the computer?

Yes, on the official website it is also possible to download the application for Windows. Almost all versions of the operating system are supported: XP, 7, 8 and 10. VSCO functionality for a computer is completely identical to that of smartphone applications. The same features, the same minimalist design with which photo editing is a real pleasure.

Can I get all filters for free?

Due to the crazy popularity of the application, many websites have appeared on the web offer to purchase or download a hacked version of VSCO with paid presets unlocked.

However, “freebies” lovers should be more careful, because viruses and malware are often in addition to “cracked” programs. Also, the program itself may run with errors and it will not be possible to update it. Therefore, in this case, it is better not to be greedy, but if possible to buy those sets that you really like.