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Why Instagram should take action against fake accounts

Influencers want Instagram to take action as fake accounts 

Instagram fake accounts are created for a variety of reasons. The most common ones are to spam other users or simply boost follower counts. Regardless of the reason, these types of accounts are detrimental to the Instagram community as a whole and should be banned.

Not only do fake accounts create an inaccurate representation of someone’s popularity. But they also often engage in spammy or abusive behavior. This can include anything from commenting on photos with irrelevant or offensive comments to sending unsolicited direct messages.

Here are some of the reasons why Influencers want Instagram to take action against fake accounts :

Harvest information:

Many influencers have expressed concern that fake accounts are being used to harvest the personal information of their real followers. These accounts collect data such as email addresses and phone numbers. Which can then be used for spam or other malicious purposes.

When someone creates a fake Instagram account, they’re typically trying to do one of two things. Either they want to spam people with ads or they want to harvest information from their followers. 

Both of these activities are against the terms of service for Instagram and can result in having your account suspended or even banned.

Stolen Instagram content:

Fake accounts often repost content from real accounts without permission. Sometimes even edit it to make it look like their own. This not only violates copyright law but also takes away credit and engagement from the original poster.

There are a few ways that Instagram fake accounts can steal content from others. One way is by taking screenshots of other people’s posts and then reposting them as their own. Another way is to simply copy and paste the text from someone else’s post into their own account.

Fake accounts will also oftentimes use the same hashtags as the original poster in order to try and get their content seen by more people. And finally, some fake accounts will just outright steal entire posts from other users without giving any credit whatsoever. 

All of these methods are highly unethical and considered to be plagiarism. If you come across an Instagram fake account that is stealing your content, you can report them to Instagram and it will be removed from the platform.

Scamming with Instagram followers:

 Fake accounts will often try to scam influencers by asking for money in exchange for promotion. By offering fake deals that end up costing the influencer more than they bargained for.

To reduce the amount of spam in their comments: Many fake accounts are created solely for the purpose of leaving spammy comments on popular posts. These comments can be anything from generic compliments to links to shady websites.

Irrelevant content on Instagram:

Fake accounts often post random, irrelevant content that clutters up. An influencer’s feed makes it harder for their real followers to find the content they’re actually interested in.

Fake accounts can also make it difficult for real users to find content that is relevant to them. When users search for hashtags or explore new accounts to follow, fake accounts can clutter up the results and make it harder to find what they’re looking for.

Ruin Brand Image:

Many brands work with influencers to promote their products or services. However, if an influencer is associated with a fake account that posts offensive or inappropriate content, it could damage the brand’s reputation.

Negative comments:

Fake accounts will often leave negative comments on an influencer’s posts in an attempt to bring down their engagement levels or make them look bad.

Mass commenting:

Instagram’s Explore page is a curated feed of popular content, and appearing on it can give an influencer’s account a significant boost in visibility and engagement. However, fake accounts often game the system by mass-liking and commenting on popular posts in an attempt to get featured.


Shadowbanning is when Instagram temporarily hides an account’s content from appearing in other users’ feeds. This can be caused by posting spammy or inappropriate content, and it can severely hurt an influencer’s reach and engagement. Fake accounts are often the cause of shadowbanning, as they often engage in activities that violate Instagram’s terms of service.

Phishing and scams:

Fake accounts are often used to send out phishing emails or direct messages in an attempt to scam users.

All of this is to say that fake accounts are bad for Instagram and bad for users. If you come across an Instagram account that you suspect is fake, you can report it to Instagram so that they can take action.


Fake accounts are often used to blast out spammy content, which can be very annoying for users.

In addition to the negative impact they have on the user experience, fake accounts can also be used to spread misinformation or promote fraudulent activity. For example, fake accounts might comment on a photo with a link to a scam website. Or, they could like and share posts from a fake account that is impersonating a well-known brand or celebrity.

Gain followers on your Instagram Account:

Some users create fake accounts with the sole purpose of following as 

many people as possible in an attempt to boost their own follower count.

One of the most common uses for fake accounts is to create an imposter account that looks identical to an influencer’s real account. This can be used for malicious purposes such as phishing or spreading false information.

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Misuse of Instagram insights:

By studying how fake accounts interact with real ones, some users believe they can gain valuable insights into Instagram’s algorithm. And they can use these insights to scam people online.

Make money with Instagram:

In some cases, fake accounts are created with the intention of selling likes, comments, or followers to other users.

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There are several reasons why Instagram should take action against fake accounts. Fake accounts often mislead other users and can even lead to scams. They can also damage the reputation of brands and businesses that are represented on the platform. 

In addition, fake accounts can create a negative user experience by flooding the platform with spam or inappropriate content. Therefore, it is in Instagram’s best interest to take action against fake accounts in order to protect its users and maintain the integrity of the platform.

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