Why Microsoft Azure and PowerApps are better for enterprises

Power Apps is one of the critical components of the Microsoft Power Platform. It helps enterprises to develop and deploy customized apps compatible with all devices. It is a low-code platform that enables citizen developers to build apps from scratch without having coding proficiency. When Power Apps is combined with Microsoft Azure, it boosts the functionality enabling enterprises to develop complex apps for businesses with rich features in a low coding structure. By combining Power Apps with Azure landscape fusion teams can deliver faster and more effective outcomes. 


Microsoft Azure cloud platform offers you more than 200 products and multiple cloud services developed to help you build business solutions to solve business challenges. Build, deploy and manage custom applications across various on-premises and cloud platforms with different tools of your selection.

95% of Fortune 500 companies trust their business with Azure Services


Microsoft Power Apps is a suite of connectors, services, and apps, including a data platform that enables you to build customized apps based on your business requirements without having coding proficiency. 

Enterprises can reduce app development costs by 74% with Microsoft Power Apps.

Power Apps and Azure are better together:

Having a combination of these two technologies means more power to create custom apps quickly and automate business processes. It brings the simplicity of the drag-and-drop feature and multiple connectors.

Developers can access Pre-built UX components:

Citizen developers and pro-developers can quickly utilize the pre-built user experience components to develop an app and business solutions. Combining Power Apps and Azure brings a lot of rich features and simple frameworks to use. 

Power up your Apps Integrating AI:

With Azure AI, Cognitive Services, and AI Builder, developers can quickly bring AI capabilities into custom apps and business solutions. There is no need to have prior machine learning or coding knowledge to inject Artificial Intelligence into apps. One can add AI capabilities loaded with pre-trained models in Power Apps with Azure services.

Cost-effective extensions and connectors:

Act on the business requirements faster by developing business custom apps quickly with a simple user interface and prebuilt user experience components.

Plenty of prebuilt connectors and extensions are available in Power Apps. However, combining Power Apps with Microsoft Azure gives you more options to choose from to adapt the business changes quickly. You can promptly update business compliance and regulations based on the changing business scenarios. ERP extensions can help you in updating the regulations quickly. Here are some EPR extension examples SAP, Workday, Salesforce, etc.    

Automated App lifecycle management:

Combining these two technologies helps enterprises get automated app lifecycle management with Azure DevOps integration. It helps streamline the low-code app lifecycle management process with prebuilt integration and deployment support in GitHub, which shortens the delivery time.

Keep your Apps highly secured:

Microsoft Azure Active Directory’s built-in security features and permissions provide better control of the entire app environment. Based on the security group, administrators can disable or enable the particular functionalities in the Power Apps while sharing with other users. With so much security, developers can create custom apps keeping them secure with Azure Active Directory.

Save huge costs on Custom App Development

Save on custom app development costs with Azure solutions like mixed reality and IoT, including ERP extensions. Enterprises can automate various business processes based on their requirements with Power Automate and Power Virtual agents.

Easy Customization:

With services that come with Azure, such as Azure Functions, IoT Edge, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Cognitive Services, developers can extend the app’s capabilities. The Command line interface in the visual studio helps you build custom apps quickly with reusable user experience moments.

Have Seamless connection to multiple connectors:

Integrate multiple data sources with prebuilt data connectors available to inject valid information into Power Apps, with faster app delivery backed with Azure services.

Power Apps enables enterprises to integrate with over 350+ data sources, including multiple legacy systems data connectors. Some of the popular connectors are Salesforce, office 365, Excel, SQL Server, SharePoint, Twitter, etc. These custom connectors help enterprises to scale up their app with low latency access to data with Microsoft Azure processing speed.

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