Whiteboard Animation Tips – Create Animated Videos


Whiteboard animation is a style of video animation that simulates the action of drawing on a whiteboard. We typically use it to explain complex concepts or ideas simply and engagingly. The animation is often accompanied by a voiceover explaining the content being drawn, and the drawings themselves can be simple or highly detailed, depending on the subject matter and the desired effect. Videos for marketing and education as well as e-learning and training resources frequently use whiteboard animation video services. You may create it yourself or may hire the best whiteboard animation agency for this purpose.

There are some tips to create whiteboard animations:

Utilize the Narrative Technique

An engaging narrative is impossible to resist. It is in human nature that is attracted by compelling stories.   Utilize the attraction-enhancing power of narrative to showcase your material rather than simply attempting to sell something. Keep in mind that your tale must be centered on your audience and their issues, not on the benefits of your product, for it to be successful. By focusing the narrative on your intended audience, you may capture their interest and foster empathy.

Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple is an important principle when creating whiteboard animation. Simple drawings and illustrations can effectively convey complex concepts and ideas, making them easier for the viewer to understand. By using simple drawings, you can also avoid overwhelming the viewer with too much information or visual clutter. Another way to keep the whiteboard animation simple is by using a limited color palette, using a plain background, and sticking to a consistent style throughout the animation. This will help the animation to look polished and professional and will make it easier for the viewer to focus on the important information being presented. In addition, having a clear message and sticking to it, rather than trying to convey multiple ideas in a single animation, can help to keep the animation simple and easy to understand.

Make Animations

Characters provide your tale consistency and serve as the binding thread that holds it all together. Your characters should be personifications of your target market, and your ideal buyer personas since this will make them more likely to relate to you. Animated characters give your video a personalized touch that makes it interesting and unforgettable.

Watch Out for the Hybrid Video Syndrome

Many “clever” whiteboard animation video service providers try to conserve resources and time by reusing 2D animation scripts into whiteboard movies. This project wastes time rather than saving it. Videos created with a whiteboard are wholly distinct from other animated videos. Character animation in a whiteboard video differs from that in a 3D animation video. Therefore, the narrative needs to be well-developed to keep the audience interested.

Keep in Mind the Sketching Hand

A whiteboard movie serves the purpose of showing your tale being drawn in real time by an artist. One element that we cannot alter is the drawing hand itself. You may achieve this in a conventional manner or by utilizing technology and design tools to give the illusion that it is being drawn. If there is no hand, it is not a whiteboard video.  The sketching hand must always be apparent since this shows that the hand is drawing the sketch.

Make Emotional Allusions

You already know that whiteboard-animated films may sometimes straightforwardly convey a complicated idea. But the thing with straightforward approaches is that they can be anything you want them to be: joyful, lighthearted, humorous, as well as sentimental, sympathetic, and emotional. Utilize the feelings of your audience to your advantage, you may accomplish this by including components in the plot that will make you nostalgic to create identification, and make emotional appeals to your audience.

Add Sound Effects

Sound effects are audio elements that whiteboard animation video services providers add to a video or animation that aim to enhance the overall experience for the viewer. They can add realism, create a certain mood or atmosphere, and can make the animation more engaging and interesting. Sound effects can include natural sounds like footsteps, birds chirping or leaves rustling, as well as artificial sounds like a car engine or a telephone ring. When incorporating sound effects into a whiteboard animation, it is important to use appropriate sound effects, keep them subtle, use good-quality equipment and test the animation with and without sound effects to see which version works best. It’s also common to add sound effects in post-production after the animation has been completed.

Utilize Color Simply but Creatively

Drawing with black ink on a white surface is the focus of a classic whiteboard video. There is no harm in including it, though, as the most current whiteboard animation movie features numerous colorful characters. The secret to the efficacy of the whiteboard video is to stick closely to the classic whiteboard principles; doing otherwise reduces its impact. The only thing left to decide is which whiteboard animation software would serve you or your business the best. The crucial elements of the video might be given color. Make sure the color complements the branding, the characters, and the message by learning the psychology of a variety of hues. Since they are knowledgeable about every facet of animation, professional whiteboard animation agencies always demonstrate their skills.

A Little Bit of Amusement Mixed with Knowledge

The goal of a whiteboard animation video is to educate the audience by explaining complicated subjects. However, the quality of the footage is heavily influenced by the entertainment value. A fresh storyline, colorful backgrounds and characters, music, and other elements can be added to the film to make it more interesting and keep visitors watching your whiteboard animation. Your entertaining videos’ viewers are more likely to comprehend the point you’re trying to get over. Check out the video, which is both instructive and enjoyable.

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Whiteboard Animation Production Company

A “whiteboard animation company” is a company that specializes in creating whiteboard animations. Whiteboard animations are videos that use a combination of hand-drawn illustrations, text, and voice-over narration to explain a concept or tell a story. They are often used in marketing and educational videos. A Whiteboard animation video company typically offers services such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustration, animation, and video editing.


In conclusion, the best whiteboard animation video services are powerful tools that can be used to explain complex concepts and ideas simply and engagingly. Creating an effective whiteboard animation requires careful planning and attention to detail, as well as the use of good-quality equipment.